About Waveney Blackman

Ms. Blackman’s motivational encouragement can propel anyone to find their true potential and move them towards a meaningful and satisfactory life.

Waveney herself has truly lived PRC; Perseverance, Resilience, and Courage and you will experience it as you turn each page of the masterpiece she has written from the heart with conviction and grace. Waveney carefully lays out what it takes to have a winner’s mindset no matter one’s station in life.

Waveney Blackman

Waveney Blackman shares her inspiring journey through her book “PRC: Perseverance, Resilience, and Courage”. Waveney has lived a life that consistently illustrates the need to go above and beyond with grit, grace, and courage. Along the way, she stepped into unchartered waters with great faith and a conviction to succeed.

Have the confidence in yourself that you have the capability of creating your life circumstances. Have faith in yourself and take action, with perseverance, resilience, and courage. Be the architect of your life.

Although this book is written with a focus, on women who in their quest to reach the success that had generational benefits for their families, faltered or made missteps, its chronicled stories allow any reader to find wisdom in the pages.

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Waveney Blackman

Motivation Speaker

Someone who has such positive energy that she can boost people’s thoughts with positivity must definitely know the right way to motivate every type of person. As a mentor, she has a vast experience with different types of people.

Effective Mentor

Ms. Blackman’s positive energy is so strong that, she has the superpower to capture people’s minds with a storm of positive thoughts.

Verified Coach

Being a verified coach, Ms. Blackman aims to fulfill people’s life with positive energy and ambitions. Through her writings, the author wants to let the people of the world know that behind every negative, comes something positive. All you have to do is keep going.