Motivational Speaker
PRC provides guidance and support, with focus on inspiring and motivating each reader. Ms. Blackman offers advice and tips on how to achieve specific goals or overcome challenges, triumphing over adversity. She shares personal experiences and insights to help others achieve success.
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The author believes in the “fuel-efficient mentoring” approach. She understands mentoring typically consists of guiding the mentee through experiences that she has already been through. She possesses the patience and wisdom to be a successful mentor. She influences others with a positive mindset to achieve their goals, overcome obstacles and improve their lives.
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Certified Coach
Ms. Blackman is a certified coach and effective mentor. She has been successful in fostering, mutually beneficial, long-term relationships. She understands coaching is a true partnership, and is a conversation focused on helping others move forward, to uncover and develop their own path, to become their best self. She utilizes her experiences to inspire others, based on overcoming significant personal challenges and adversity. Her tried and true stories are shared to captivate and engage audiences, with the aim of instilling a sense of enthusiasm, empowerment, and determination to succeed.
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Living a life of Perseverance, Resilience, and Courage, never happens overnight. Each character trait can only be built and refined by one’s lived experience, and Waveney Blackman has done just that. She didn’t wish for it, she worked for it!

Waveney has truly lived PRC; Perseverance, Resilience, and Courage and you will experience it as you turn each page of this book. With this monograph/manifesto, Waveney has written from the heart with conviction and grace. She’s masterfully curated a practical guide with salient examples that are applicable to anyone who may have taken a wrong turn or been thrown a curveball.

This manifesto underscores Waveney’s personal story which serves as the backdrop of how she was compelled to share what it truly means to be down but NEVER out.


Waveney Blackman

Waveney Blackman shares her inspiring journey through her book “PRC: Perseverance, Resilience, and Courage”. Waveney has lived a life that consistently illustrates the need to go above and beyond with grit, grace, and courage. Along the way, she stepped into unchartered waters with great faith and a conviction to succeed.

Have the confidence in yourself that you have the capability of creating your life circumstances. Have faith in yourself and take action, with perseverance, resilience, and courage. Be the architect of your life.

Although this book is written with a focus, on women who in their quest to reach the success that had generational benefits for their families, faltered or made missteps, its chronicled stories allow any reader to find wisdom in the pages.

Book Trailer

The writer is so determined to spread positivity around the world that she also released a book trailer with a vision of influencing a large audience and leaving a lasting impact on people’s life. While many have written from a theoretical perspective, Waveney trumps it all with her lived experiences; and in so doing, makes this manifesto a true game-changer.

This manifesto underscores Waveney’s personal story which serves as the backdrop of how she was compelled to share what it truly means to be down but NEVER out.

Spreading Positivity around the World